Massages and price list

Massages and price list

How do we differ from other massage salons?

Experienced Thai massage experts

All our thai massage experts have been through a demanding training process and they give an outstanding performances in all kinds of thai massage technics.

What do we provide

Our salon provides all kinds of thai massaga. from an intensive massage of your fingers or head to a full body massage …

Fair prices

What is good should also be affordable. We want to give you a great value for your money.


We offer the following massages:

Tradiční thajská masáž

Traditional thai massage

Traditional reflex thai massage, well recognized piece of art, originaly performed by the masters in ancient Thai temples. It applies pressure to particular spots, muscles, tendons, it bends and stretches your spine, it eases your stress, releases your joints and makes your body feel relaxed. This massage is especially good if you want get rid of pain and tension in your muscles.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 500 / 1 900 / 2 400 CZK

Olejová thajská masáž

Thai oil massage

Gentle reflex massage provided with the finest selection of natural oils. A very gentle technic is applied which makes your neck, back and leg muscles feel relaxed. This oil massage is very efficient when it comes to eliminating of tension, stress and overall stiffness.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 600 / 2 000 / 2 500 CZK

Teplá aroma oil relaxační masáž

Hot aroma therapy

Oriental whole body massage from your fingertips to your hair roots. Gentle pressure is applied to acupressure spots. It is one the most efficient forms of relaxation and regeneration. It removes your tiredness, accumulated stress and tension out of your body.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 700 / 2 100 / 2 600 CZK

Teplá bylinková masáž

Hot herbal thai massage

Herbal massage is a traditional Thai massage which is combined with applying of small warm herbal bags to spots where your energy flows. Herbal bags are applied on your already massaged body and they contain Thai herbs and seasonings, which help to make you feel perfectly relaxed and stress free.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 900 / 2 300 / 2 800 CZK

Thajská aroma lávovými kameny

Aroma hot stone massage

Heated lava stones are applied on important spots in your body, where, combined with oil massage, they provide an excellent therapeutic relaxation, when apllied to particular acupressure spots they are able to ease your tension and stress.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 900 / 2 300 / 2 800 CZK

Teplá kokosová aroma terapie

Hot coconut therapy

Virgin coconut oil leaves your skin velvet smooth, flexible and healthy. Your body will get rid of nerv and muscle tension. This is followed up by applying of collagen mask which will smooth out both your fine and deeper wrinkles and make your skin look shiny.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 800 / 2 200 / 2 700 CZK

Thajská masáž obličeje

Thai facial massage

Revitalizing massage of the face and the head along with an acupressure method applied to the nape. The massage leaves you with a relaxing feel and relieves you of nervous tension. Collagen mask will cleanse and smooth-out small and larger wrinkles, adding that needed glare. (Collagen mask only by massage 60 min.).

Duration: 30 / 60 min.
Price: 850 / 1 600 CZK

Zázvorová aroma masáž

Ginger aroma massage

Whole body massage. Traditional, natural, Asian products are used. Ginger oil and lemon grass heat and release tension in your worn out muscles.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 800 / 2 200 / 2 700 CZK

Peeling a aroma olejová masáž

Peeling and aroma oil massage

Natural peeling is gradually aplied all over your body. When your body absorbs all enriching substances, the procedure continues with oil massage of the whole body, arms, legs and head. You will feel great and relaxed. Another benefit will be your smooth skin giving out a wonderful fragrance.

Duration: 90 / 120 min.
Price: 2 400 / 2 900 CZK

Královská thajská olejová masáž

Royal thai oil massage

This is a combination of traditional Thai massage and oil massage. 100% natural oil is applied to your skin which will leave your skin velvet smooth and relaxed.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 1 800 / 2 200 / 2 700 CZK

Thajská speciální masáž zad a hlavy

Special back and head massage

This massage focuses on eliminating of backache and pain in scruff and shoulders. It is also very efficient in order to get rid of headache and stress which is caused by the neckbone being blocked. An experienced Thai therapist focuses for 60 minutes on problematic parts of your back, shoulders and scruff. She uses painless grasps in order to release stiff muscles and by applying pressure on particular acupressure spots she gradually unblocks your spine and joints.

Duration: 30 / 60 min.
Price: 850 / 1 600 CZK

Thajská masáž nohou

Foot reflexology

There are many reflex spots on your feet and their pressure stimulation releases energetic tracks (meridians), which connect feet with all the body organs. Reflex feet massage revives and brings back energy to individual body parts, decreaces the amount of stress and and makes you feel deeply relaxed.

Duration: 30 / 60 min.
Price: 850 / 1 600 CZK

Thajská masáž celého těla 4-rukou

4 hands full body thai oil massage

According to Ayurveda medicine this massage is a part of traditional purifying programme during which the whole body is rhythmically massaged with a huge amount of oil. The massage is given by two professional massage therapist, who perform the massage synchronically. It is focused on removing the toxins and blocks out of your body, it supports muscle and nerv system functioning.

Duration: 60 / 90 / 120 min.
Price: 2 400 / 3 100 / 3 800 CZK

Těhotenská aroma terapie

Pregnancy aroma therapy

It helps to diminish your headache and morning sickness, improves your sleep and back muscle functioning. It also improves your blood circulation, thus helping your joints and lymphatic system, which makes your feeling of “heavy legs” vanish as well as other pregnancy problems.

Duration: 30 / 60 min.
Price: 850 / 1 600 CZK

Masáže pro páry

Massage for couples

We also provide special massage for couples during which you will experience common moments of relaxation.